Longtime participants in the Life Settlement space have accepted that change is the normal state, and there is no such thing as equilibrium. We have seen our businesses prosper as the industry grew stronger over the past few years, and we have also seen challenging times, such as from 2008-12. The advent of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus likely will bring unique and significant challenges. I believe this pandemic is serious, and we are taking the necessary steps as a nation to mitigate its effects.
Some of you have been forced to significantly alter the way in which you do business. This only adds to the uncertainty of the situation. If you are like us, your revenues are wholly and directly derived from life settlements, and that could be unsettling, even if the virus brings with it the possibility that older insureds may succumb to it. While we don’t expect this virus to permanently affect our mortality tables, we are carefully analyzing our baseline mortality to ensure that any deaths resulting from this virus do not get improperly factored into that baseline.
Predictive Resources is fundamentally built to weather this type of storm. We are committed to maintaining our high level of customer service during this pandemic. Our company structure operates effectively and efficiently, despite our associates being distributed throughout the country. From our inception, we designed our systems to support distributed data processing and workflow. Working remotely, while an unusual situation for some of you, is our everyday experience.
Finally, we understand that these unusual circumstances may require more communication regarding your priorities. Feel free to reach out when you need us. We are here for you!