Life Settlement Solutions

Life Expectancy Estimates

Our efforts in the life expectancy provider space are firmly rooted in the traditional actuarial, underwriting and IT functions, but with important differences that provide distinct advantages.

Risk Assessment System Performance

Online tool to help you measure the accuracy and performance of your risk assessment systems, both at a high level and in granular detail along many dimensions.

Predictive Modeling

Our actuarial and IT professionals utilize statistical regression analysis to provide forward-looking forecasts.

Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare Modeling

Our proprietary methods can provide actuarial certifications of healthcare grant proposals and analysis of the Affordable Care Act.

Chronic Disease Stratification

By pinpointing the sub-populations within groups exhibiting various chronic diseases that will most likely progress to more costly outcomes, we will help you develop targeted, cost-effective intervention strategies that can lead to improved health care quality efficiently.

Risk Assessment System Performance

We will help you assess the strengths, weaknesses and performance of the risk-scoring systems that drive your reimbursements to ensure that you are properly credited with the improvements that you have driven through your managed care strategies.