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Predictive Resources’ consulting efforts are focused on healthcare management and life settlement markets. We utilize both actuarial science and predictive modeling elements to better forecast healthcare costs and trends. In this competitive world, the edge that Predictive Resources brings can be the difference between success and failure.

In addition to its capable actuarial resources, Predictive Resources also has an experienced IT department to carry out its work expediently. This rare combination of relevant skills means better answers quicker for our clients. Predictive Resources has been engaged to provide actuarial certifications of healthcare grant proposals, build web-based management reports and analysis of the Affordable Care Act, and serve as an expert witness.

Healthcare Modeling

Our proprietary methods can provide actuarial certifications of healthcare grant proposals and analysis of the Affordable Care Act.

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Life Expectancy Estimates

Our efforts in the life expectancy provider space are firmly rooted in the traditional actuarial, underwriting and IT functions, but with important differences that provide distinct advantages.

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Risk Assessment System Performance

Online tool to help you measure the accuracy and performance of your risk assessment systems, both at a high level and in granular detail along many dimensions.

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About us

At Predictive Resources, we are well positioned to meet your needs. We have full time dedicated actuarial resources. Our IT resources are experienced in the healthcare management and life settlement space. We have demonstrated the ability to build automated underwriting systems, web-based analytical tools and risk assessment performance measurement systems.

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